138479.xyz personal information protection policy

In order to protect the 138479.xyz user privacy, optimize the user experience, 138479.xyz according to the existing regulations and policies, establish the "personal information protection policy". The "personal information protection policy" will detail the 138479.xyz in the acquisition, management and protection of users' personal information on policies and measures. 138479.xyz applies to all services to provide you with the "personal information protection policy", whether you are 138479.xyz service through computer equipment, mobile terminal or other equipment.

The personal information protection policy is a basic legal documents you use 138479.xyz services and functions, we hope you use 138479.xyz services before you have clearly read and fully understand and accept the policy, I hope you can make the appropriate choice according to their own understanding. When we update the personal information protection policy, you continue to use our products and / or services, which means that you agree to the personal information protection policy (including updated version), we agreed to collect, according to the personal information protection policy, save and share your information and.

The personal information protection policy relates to personal information including: basic information (including personal Name, birthday, Gender, address, telephone number, personal email); personal location information; network identification information (including the system account, IP address, email address and password, and the password protection); personal Internet records (including search records, use records, click on the record); personal information (including hardware equipment commonly used equipment type, MAC address, operating system type);

A personal information collection

You acknowledge and agree that in your account registration 138479.xyz or use the services provided by 138479.xyz, 138479.xyz will record the personal information you provide, such as password, mobile phone number, the personal information is the basis for you get 138479.xyz service. At the same time, to optimize the user experience based on 138479.xyz will enhance 138479.xyz acquisition and other information related services, such as when you visit 138479.xyz, we may collect what services the popularity of browser software information to optimize our service.

When you use 138479.xyz, we will guide you to read this Agreement and accept this agreement, based on your personal information, you get. If you do not agree to provide personal information, you will not be able to use the 138479.xyz all or part of the functions and services.

138479.xyz will only collect your personal information in any of the following circumstances:

When you registered 138479.xyz account, at least we will collect your account and password, Gender nickname and password protection options, e-mail, mobile phone number and other information. If you otherwise associated landing 138479.xyz, we will ask for your personal information to three parties for the association, but we request the three party to provide personal information, we can still ask you to provide. If you refuse to provide this information, will affect the functions you use 138479.xyz or 138479.xyz. When you register 138479.xyz, we will conduct real name verification for you, if you refuse to provide the relevant information, 138479.xyz will refuse to provide services to you.

When you use 138479.xyz provides search service, we will collect your query information, equipment information, in order to provide efficient search service, the information part will be temporarily stored in the local storage device you. Here, you need to pay attention to is that your keyword information does not recognize your personal identity alone, it does not belong to your personal information, so we have the right to use for any other purpose; only when you search your information and other information are related to each other and can identify your personal identity then, in combination with period, we will search your keyword information as your personal information and your search history together according to the personal information protection policy for its treatment and protection.

In the authentication service you use 138479.xyz offer, we will collect your Name, ID number, occupation, identity and other relevant information, 138479.xyz to you these privacy information will be protected to the maximum extent, if you do not provide this information, we will not be able to provide related services.

When the relevant marketing activities you participate in 138479.xyz when we will collect your Name, school name, address, contact information, bank account information. The information is the basis for transfer or you receive a gift, if you refuse to provide this information, we will not be able to transfer or send gifts to you.

When it comes to national security and interests and social public interests, and related criminal investigation activities, you or others life and property safety but in special circumstances you can not get timely authorization, from other legitimate channels of publicity, legal regulations and other circumstances, 138479.xyz likely in the premise after your consent or authorized to collect your personal information.

On the other, such as access to your personal information in the scene, will be without your express consent, and get you expressly agree with the content and scope to you before fully explain the application scenarios and obtain relevant information you.

Two, the use of beacon on Cookie and Web

Cookie can help identify the site registered users, calculate the number of users, the site is usually used to determine whether the user has completed the registration login implementation. 138479.xyz promise, study on cookie information only for enhancing service / product quality and to optimize the user experience. At the same time, if you do not wish to retain personal information in cookie, you can configure the browser: select "reject cookie" or "when the site when sending cookie to inform you," you know, since 138479.xyz service is supported by cookie is to achieve the complete, close cookie after the operation, may affect your visit 138479.xyz or not fully achieved 138479.xyz service. You do not disable cookie, may be prompted to enter this site, if the next time you keep this information in order to simplify the login procedures (such as a key login).

138479.xyz using web beacon method and the objective is the same as cookie.

Three, protection and security of personal information

1, 138479.xyz will make all reasonable efforts to protect the personal information of users, and the data security department dedicated to personal information protection. In order to prevent the user's personal information in the accidental, unauthorized illegal access, copy, modify, transfer, loss, damage, processing or use, 138479.xyz has and will continue to take the following measures to protect your personal information:

1) through the user's personal information encryption encryption technology, and isolation by isolation technology.

2) in the use of personal information, such as personal information, personal information display related calculation, we will use to replace the contents, including a variety of data encryption technology to enhance the desensitization desensitization of personal information safety in use.

3) the establishment of strict data use and access system, with strict data access control and multiple authentication technology to protect personal information, avoid the illegal use of data.

2, the protection of personal information to other security measures

1) storage and use to regulate personal information through the establishment of data classification system, data security, data security management specification development specification.

2) the establishment of data safety department, responsible for the safety of emergency response organizations to promote and protect the security of personal information.

Notice 3, personal information security incidents

1) such as the occurrence of security incidents caused by personal information, 138479.xyz will be the first event to the corresponding competent authorities reported, and real-time troubleshooting, carry out emergency measures.

2) with the full amount by users to send notifications to change the password. May also be by telephone, SMS and other ways to reach users in public awareness, 138479.xyz operating platform operators propaganda, stop data leakage.

Despite the above measures is reasonable and effective, and has complied with the relevant laws and regulations standards, but still can not guarantee the 138479.xyz your personal information through unsafe way in the communication security. Therefore, individual users should take active measures to guarantee the security of personal information, such as: modify the account password regularly, will not disclose their account passwords and other personal information to others.

You know: Measures for the protection of personal information provided by 138479.xyz applies only to 138479.xyz platform, once you leave 138479.xyz, browse or use other sites, services and resources, any personal information that does not have the ability to 138479.xyz and duty to protect you in 138479.xyz outside the site submitted, whether you login or browse the web site based on 138479.xyz links or guide.

Risk of information leakage exists in the network environment, when unexpected events, such as force majeure circumstances lead to leakage of your information, 138479.xyz will inform you to control the situation, causes, 138479.xyz security measures, you can take the initiative to take safety measures and other relevant circumstances.

Four, personal information storage

138479.xyz will take storage security measures and technical means and the appropriate protection of your personal information, to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access or leakage, tampered or destroyed. Your personal information is stored in a password control at China within the server, Access is restricted. When you need to cross-border information transmission service, 138479.xyz will continue to use the default Chinese server within you.

138479.xyz according to personal information of different grades of different storage period, storage period in strict accordance with the law and relevant laws and regulations, the minimum period of not less than 6 months.

According to the provisions of this article, we only allow employees and 138479.xyz need to know the information of the three party access to personal information, and ask them to fulfill the corresponding obligation of confidentiality.

Five, use of personal information and provide

Without the permission of your own, 138479.xyz will not be disclosed to any third party (including sharing, transfer and disclosure of your personal information etc.), Except in the following circumstances:

1, 138479.xyz has made you or your guardian's authorization or approval;

2, the judicial organ or administrative organ legal procedures based on 138479.xyz disclosure requirements;

3, 138479.xyz to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of users and to litigation or arbitration;

4, according to your related terms of service application, 138479.xyz licensing agreement;

5, to the extent permitted by law, for the protection of 138479.xyz, 138479.xyz users and public interests from damage;

6, meet you agreed with other people about third;

You can send your photos, specific object identity and location information, can also share your photos, not specific to people 138479.xyz service based on location information, identity information, etc.. When you share your behavior because lead to leakage and other serious conditions your information occurs, 138479.xyz does not assume legal responsibility.

7, in the premise of the privacy of individual users is not data, 138479.xyz has the right to analyze the user database and the appropriate use of user database.

Six, the management of personal information

When you complete the 138479.xyz account registration and authentication is reasonable and necessary, you can access, modify or delete your personal information submitted to 138479.xyz. In general, you can browse, modify, delete your information submitted, but for security and identity (such as the number of Complaints Service) into account, you may some initial registration information and authentication information providing registration cannot modify the.

You have the right to update or correct your personal information, or the authorized customer information update, 138479.xyz corrections. Before you update the information in the correct, we will first verify your identity, corrections and updates to the second information.

You can cancel the independent 138479.xyz account, after the cancellation of 138479.xyz not collect your personal information. Before you cancel your account, 138479.xyz will validate your personal identity, security status, account password and other information. Your cancellation of the account behavior is irreversible, once you are logged in to your account, 138479.xyz will immediately delete all information about your account, and to ensure that this information will not be leaked, at the same time, you can through the registered account to get 138479.xyz service.

Seven, the special protection of minors personal information

138479.xyz attaches great importance to the protection of minors personal information. If you are minors under the age of 14, in the use of 138479.xyz service before, should ensure that the prior guardian, if you are dissatisfied with full 14 18 years in the use of minors, 138479.xyz before the service, should ensure that the prior himself or guardian consent. If you apply for a registered account in the online, 138479.xyz will default to you have the consent. 138479.xyz will according to relevant national laws and regulations and the "personal information protection policy" provisions of the protection of minors personal information.

Eighth, dispute resolution

When you because of the policy implementation and 138479.xyz any dispute, both sides should first resolve friendly consultation; if no settlement can be reached, both parties have the right to sue in accordance with the registration agreement to a court of competent jurisdiction.

If you have any questions about the personal information protection policy, please contact the 138479.xyz customer service consulting, we will solve your problems.